How We Operate

Our core objective is our clients.

How We Work

#1 - We Get To Know Each Other

Our core tenant is to ensure a deep understanding of your processes and potential areas for improvement before providing solutions to them. That starts by getting to know your business, goals, and operations. After we’ve identified issues that are creating bottlenecks to your success, we can then proceed to the next steps.

Consultations are free of charge as we only bill on the usage of solutions implemented.

#2 - We Submit Proposal

After we’ve identified solutions to build for you, we’ll provide a proposal that outlines how your operations will change for the better, the desired outcomes, and a usage-based pricing model.

Our relationship should be mutually beneficial so our contracts have no upfront costs, no termination fees, and no monthly minimum spends.

#3 - Implementation

After the proposal has been agreed upon, we begin working on integrating AI assistants and various other technologies into your business. Timelines can fluctuate between a few days to a few months depending on the scope of work. The result of this step is to ensure you begin seeing operational changes immediately.

#4 - Reviewing of Results & Goals

Some solutions will require training, allowing our technology to improve over time through a system we’ve developed. We will facilitate a check-in with you every quarter to measure the performance of the AI assistants & other solutions provided to ensure that your business continues to achieve the desired outcomes.

All Of Your Other Questions


No Upfront Costs?
Do You Use 3rd Party Software?
How Large Of Businesses Do You Work With?


No upfront costs, no hidden fees, no cancellation fees, no monthly minimum spend. We believe we can provide long-term enduring solutions to businesses and the best way to have both parties benefit from this is by creating a win-win solution: you see the results without having to pay upfront for them.

Of course.

The software industry is one of the most open & helpful industries. As an example, over 99% of the world’s servers runs on free software called Linux that has a strong community of developers who work on it for free.

Beyond open source software there are a lot of great companies building ground-breaking tools that may be of benefit to you. We’ll investigate all of the data security, data privacy, and more to make sure that if a 3rd party solution is available to solve your needs that we can implement it.

Our focus is not on the size of the client but on the processes that they need help with. Our clients range from one employee businesses to 200+ employee companies. Our main focus is in making sure that we can provide you the solutions for you to be successful.

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