Fanatic Dedication
To Your Success

While AI is here, that does not mean your company needs to change. Too often tech companies want you to change your business to fit their platform. We believe in the opposite approach: by working with you to deeply understand your business, we find or build the right solutions for you. By having a fanatical focus on your business goals, we’ve been able to help a wide variety of teams & industries from sales teams, marketing agencies, and all the way to executives needing on-demand reports.

CRM Augmentation

We’ve developed tools so that your CRM can be automatically updated on new emails, phone calls, and meetings allowing reps to focus on selling with more accurate data for reports.

Report Generation

Retrieve and create any report you’d like within seconds including generating quotes, reviewing sales data, and more. No more fetching through emails or asking others for the data!

Sales Automation

Too often we get emails where it’s asking a question about our data. Not only can we draft you the reply email but we’ll even fetch the data so you don’t have to. Just hit send!


How We Help You

First, we focus on understanding your business goals & the key parts of your business you’d like to focus on improving. This way we can make sure we’re always proposing solutions that are geared towards moving your business forward.

Next, we offer a tailored proposal outlining how we believe you can optimize your business along with pricing based on how much you use our services. This way, you’re in control: you decide how we put our solutions into action and you only pay for what you need.

Lastly, we put the plan into action. We keep track of your progress and continuously work on making our solutions even better for you.

Outline Goals

Our first step is to understand what areas of your business are in most need of improvements. This makes sure we’re aligned on how to build AI assistants into your company.

Solution Discovery

The next step is to determine which solution to implement to achieve your goals and how this would impact your business. We only implement solutions after you’ve given us the go-ahead.

Results Oriented

We have no upfront cost on any AI assistant, we continually improve & iterate our solutions over the lifetime of your company. This results in clear understanding if goals are being met.

Why Us?

Our Story

With backgrounds in software engineering, AI, and having previously started successful consulting companies, our partners had the expertise to start Alliance in 2020 before generative AI was mainstream. When we started we knew we needed to be different than “traditional” consultants thus led to a promise we’ve maintained to this day: do what is best for the client regardless of revenue.

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